Beginning August 2021, YPI will start reintroducing in-person programming at our drop-in space! Our current virtual programs will remain as they are, with certain weeks meeting in-person instead of online. Specific dates for our in-person groups are below.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 2:30-8pm and Thursday 3-5pm
Ages 14-23
Not Currently Open

YPI primarily serve as a drop in space, this means our youth are encouraged to utilize our space in whatever comfortable and respectful way they see fit; we have video game consoles, laptops, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, a wide variety of board games donated by Hasbro, a full library of LGBTQ literature, and a kitchen fully stocked with easy to make snacks and food. Youth are welcome to unwind on our new comfy furniture donated by Cardi’s, or chat amongst friends in our Conference Room, Library, or main space.

13 and Under Drop-In
Thursday 5-8pm
Ages 9-13 only
Not Currently Open

Every Thursday at 5pm we open the drop-in center exclusively for youth 9-13 so they can have a safe space to hang out and connect with other youth their age. We have icebreakers, board games, arts & crafts, video games, activities, and snacks. From 6-7pm, we run a discussion group facilitated by one of our clinicians–they can share experiences, support one another and ask questions. During 13 & Under, caregivers of youth are welcome to hang out in our library where they can meet with other adults or talk to staff about resources.

Basic Needs Pantry
Request to pick-up a premade bag of food and toiletries by submitting our form here.
If you want to shop the pantry yourself, email us at to schedule a time.

Youth Pride, Inc. hosts a small community pantry that serves over 700 youth each year. The pantry is open during the week for youth in need off food, clothes, toiletries, and/or school supplies. Youth can take these items for free on a weekly basis. To utilize the pantry, ask one of our staff members for assistance while you’re in the space! For more detailed information on our Pantry, check out the FAQ section under the “Visit” page.

Keeping our pantry stocked is a big job, so we are always looking for Pantry Sponsors! If your group or organization is interested in sponsoring our Basic Needs Pantry by hosting a food drive(s), please email to begin coordinating your event. A YPI staff member can pick up the donation after the food drive, and continuous sponsors will be mentioned wherever our pantry is mentioned.

Here is our pantry wish list, which outlines items we find to be the most useful:
Pantry & Drop-in Wish List


HIV Testing
One Wednesday a month from 3-5pm; check our calendar for this month’s testing date!
Not currently available but you can still get tested at AIDS Project Rhode Island!

Knowing your status is so important! AIDS Project Rhode Island performs free and confidential HIV testing on a monthly basis at YPI. Check our calendar for dates and times! All youth are welcome but testing can only be performed on individuals who had not eaten or drank at least a half hour prior to the test.
Wednesday Night Dinner
Wednesdays 5-6pm
Not Currently Running

YPI is incredibly fortunate to have two selfless volunteer chefs, Julia and Julia, come in each Wednesday to cook a hot family style meal for everyone to eat together. This tradition is longstanding and one of the most popular programs YPI offers. Dinner is served for 5pm, and vegetarian options are available.


One-on-One Counseling
To set up a time for counseling, email
YPI’s two counselors are available for one-on-one counseling sessions on Tuesday from 4-8pm and Wednesday from 5-8pm. This provides a chance to talk about anything and everything you may want someone to listen to, or may need help coping with. All information in these counseling sessions are confidential unless a youth discloses intent to harm themselves or someone else, or they disclose they are being harmed or abused.  One-on-one counseling is free of charge to youth. 

To make an appointment, email As youth become more familiar with our clinicians, they are encouraged to ask the clinicians in person during drop-in if they have time to meet right then, or to schedule an appointment for a later date.


Lending Library
YPI is home to over 1,000 books that make up our library. Youth are welcome to browse or borrow from our collection while they are in the space. Our collection is composed of mostly Young Adult literature both LGBTQ and Non-LGBTQ specific. Readers will also enjoy looking through our other genres; Anthropologies, Art, Autobiographies, Biographies, Classic Literature, Culture, Gender Studies, Graphic Novels, Family Resources, Fiction, HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ History, Nonfiction, and Sexual Education.

Our library is situated in the back of our building, perfect for quiet, leisurely activities. Youth are often found working on homework, studying, reading a book, or listening to their headphones while in the library.

If you have books you would like to donate, please email

Training Opportunities
YPI offers a variety of LGBTQ trainings. We specialize in professional development trainings geared towards ad
ult learners but we also go into schools and classrooms to speak with students. Our trainers will work closely with the requestor to come up with a training agenda that fits their specific needs. Most trainings take about an hour and are $200 per session including time for consultation. Individuals are invoiced up to a week post training.

If you would like to request a training, please fill out our Google form and we’ll be in touch.

Request a Training

Please request your training at least one month before the scheduled date.  

GSA Coalition
Youth Pride, Inc. is dedicated to helping local schools build, strengthen, and sustain their Gender-Sexuality Alliances (GSAs). We offer assistance and support in a variety of ways, from coming into schools and meeting with GSAs, to connecting GSAs to local community resources. We also invite GSAs from around the state to our free Annual GSA Conference held every spring. The conference provides the opportunity for GSAs to network with each other while learning from YPI and our community partners through workshops, speakers, and activities. For more information on our GSA Coalition, email

Have you heard about YPI’s Collaboration Cup? It’s a fun annual participation competition dedicated to recognizing K-12 schools who are actively engaged in building Gender and Sexuality Alliances (GSAs). The Collaboration Cup is awarded at the end of each school year during Pride month to the GSA that has shown the most effort at giving back to/improving the community or has done something noteworthy. Winners will receive a trophy and be highlighted in YPI’s newsletter. If you would like to nominate a GSA, fill out the form below.

Collaboration Cup Nomination Form

To join any of our programs below, please email

Gender Spectrum
Tuesdays 4-5 pm
Currently meeting online via Discord every Tuesday at 4pm!
Meeting in-person 10/5! 

Gender Spectrum is a peer-led, peer-focused support group for trans, questioning, and gender-non-conforming youth in the form of a casual social hour. Topics range from the serious to the silly, and always with an emphasis on creating a safe space for youth to be themselves and discuss what’s happening in their lives. Gender Spectrum meets weekly and snacks are provided.

The Way Out
Wednesdays 4-5pm
Currently meeting online via Discord every Wednesday at 4pm!
Meeting in-person 10/13!  

The Way Out is a general open group with shifting and evolving topic material, commonly central to relationships (family, friends, and romantic), school/work, sexuality and gender, fighting discrimination, mental health, and current events. This weekly group is open to youth ages 13 to 23 and snacks are provided.

13 and Under Group
Thursdays 6-7pm
Currently meeting online via Zoom every Thursday from 4-5:30pm!
Meeting in-person 10/28
To learn more and sing up your youth, fill out our form here or email

During our 13 and under drop-in, YPI facilitates a discussion group exclusively for youth 9-13. The topics are selected each week by the attendants, but typically revolve around school, family, friends, and coming out. Snacks are provided!

Programming Council
Wednesdays 3-4pm
For More Information:
Not Currently Running

Do you have an idea for a new program? Do you see aspects of YPI that could be improved? Then attend one of our programming council meetings and have your voice heard! Programming Council is an open group for YPI youth who want to work with staff to assess and discuss youth needs and then plan the necessary programming to respond to them. YPI is a youth-driven and youth leadership organization; the Programming Council is essential in centering the youth voice in program development and planning.

8 weeks sessions year round
For More Information:
Currently meeting online via Zoom every Monday at 4pm

OUTspoken is Youth Pride, Inc.’s Leadership Program designed to be a first step on a pathway to becoming a community leader by learning about advocacy, community involvement, and cultural awareness. The program is FREE for youth ages 13-24 and offers a monetary stipend to those who participate the entire 8 weeks!

OUTspoken runs in eight week sessions.
If you sign up in the middle of a session you will be enrolled in the next upcoming session. 

Dungeons & Dragons
Tuesdays 5-7pm
For More Information:
Currently meeting online via Discord every Tuesday at 5pm!

Join the Imagination Guild for some Dungeon and Dragons! Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game. The Imagination Guild cycles through introductionany “how to play” sessions and actual gameplay sessions throughout the month.

The Imagination Guild is a charity group and program that uses the game Dungeons and Dragons as an empowerment tool to benefit children in need.

Mostrando Orgullo/Showing Pride: LGBTQ+ Spanish Speaking Group for Youth From Spanish Speaking Cultures
Wednesdays 5-6pm
Currently meeting online via Zoom every Wednesday at 5pm!

Mostrando Orgullo, which translates to Showing Pride, is YPI’s newest group for Spanish speaking LGBTQ+ youth from Spanish speaking cultures. This group will be facilitated by Spanish speaking staff from the local Latinx community weekly on Zoom and is open to youth ages 14-23.

Mindful Makers
Fridays 4-5pm
For More Information:
Currently meeting online via Zoom every Friday at 3pm!

Youth ages 9 to 23 are invited to join an hour of restorative creation, with intention and community. Mindfulness is the art of focusing one’s attention only on the present, experiencing thoughts, feelings, and sensations but not judging them. Bring whatever you would like to create–that short story you want to start, that painting you want to work on again, that bracelet you want to finish weaving, or anything else–and work on it with other YPI youth on a quiet Zoom call where we will work on mindfulness and experience the healing nature of making art together!

Aro/Ace Space
First Friday of the month 3-4pm
Currently meeting online via Discord the first Friday of every month from 3-4pm!

A weekly social pod for folks along the aromantic and/or asexual spectrums, and their questioning cohorts! Facilitated by peers who share these identities, Aro/Ace Space is for conversations of all types, ranging form the silly to the serious. Introspection, puns, memes, and pets can all be expected here, along with facilitated discussions about the Aromantic and Asexual communities.