We’re reopening our space for select in-person services beginning 9/29/20!

Greetings YPI Youth, Families, and Supporters,

YPI is opening our space for select in-person services.  While it doesn’t look a lot like it did before Covid 19, we are still excited to see you. If you want to use the space, or are in need of some things or resources, here’s what we are open for.

Computers, WiFi and Charging Stations
Every Tuesday and Wednesday we will be open from 1-5pm, by appointment only, for Rest and Recuperation (R&R) time. What this means, is you will be given a designated spot in the space with a computer, access to WiFi, and phone charging station. What you do with that hour is up to you. Staff will be around for assistance. This is by appointment only.

Basic Needs Pantry
The Basic Needs Pantry is also opening up! You have two options to go through the pantry.

  1. Pick Up a Premade Bag: We will have premade bags available if you prefer to get your items that way, or you or a household member is symptomatic.
  2. Shop the Pantry Yourself: We have moved the pantry into the main space where you can go through and get the items of your choosing just like old times in 15-minute appointment slots. You will have access to food, toiletries, school supplies and clothes. For clothing specifically, the drill is to take what you want, bring it home, try it on, keep what you like and do what you want with the rest (you are welcome to bring them back but you do not have to). If you would like to go through the pantry AND use the computers/wifi/charging station you will be able to access the pantry during your first 15 minutes, and can use the remaining 45 minutes utilizing our computers/wifi/charging stations.

To use our computers, go through our pantry, or both, you will need to make an appointment.
To make an appointment to pick up a premade bag of pantry supplies: www.bit.ly/ypipantrypickup
To make an appointment for in-person pantry and R&R use:  www.calendly.com/youthprideincri.

Counseling and Resource Assistance
Want to access our counseling services? Need some help getting or connecting to resources? Facing challenges or obstacles and need an advocate? Trying to do everyday things like pay your taxes, make a resume, apply for SNAP or change your gender marker? Drop in appointments are available with Andy, our Director of Youth Services. You will be given a private space with a computer and to have a one-one with Andy via video chat.

To make an appointment with Andy, send them an email or make an appointment through their Calendly!


Drop-In and Kitchen
For now we cannot safely open up the drop-in space like we used to.
Unfortunately, we also cannot open the kitchen.

Other Rules While in the SpaceWhile in the space you must be wearing a mask at all times. Staff will be doing the same. YPI is also requiring all staff and visitors respond to the Reopening RI COVID19 Screening Tool (ENG / SPN.) prior to entry

into the center.

While we normally encourage all of you to make joyful noise, no shouting, voice raising or singing can happen. We will however have headphones available, or bring your own, and encourage you to bliss out to whatever music or podcast you enjoy!

If you want to learn more about out virtual programs, 3 support/discussion groups, one leadership program, one mindful arts program, and online Dungeons & Dragons, click here!

Despite looking and operating a little differently, we are still excited to open our space for youth again, and cannot wait to see you!

-YPI Staff

Youth Pride, Inc. Stands With Black and Brown Youth


Youth Pride, Inc. is committed to working to end racism and injustice. We stand with youth of color and commit to deepen racial equity within our organization and our work.  We will listen to and amplify the voices of Black and Brown LGBTQ* youth. We will provide resources to our youth and supporters, to encourage them to educate, mobilize, and engage in racial justice matters. We know these actions are a small piece of what is needed to bring lasting change – there is much work to be done, and we will continue to hold ourselves accountable to these promises and make sure our most vulnerable youth aren’t growing up invisible.



Applications for Spring Session of OUTspoken are open!

Outspoken is Youth Pride, Inc’s leadership programs designed to create space for young people who are looking to dive into their own identity and experiences while learning how that information can impact their community. Youth can join us as a group of peers as we explore Gender, the Environment, Sexuality and the intersections of our many other identities.

The program is FREE of charge for youth ages 14-24, and it includes a Monetary Stipend! OUTspoken will meet every Monday at 4pm via zoom for 8 weeks beginning Monday, May 4th and ending Monday, June 22nd.

Application deadline is Wednesday, April 29th.

OUTspoken Info & Application Here

Connect With YPI From Home! Virtual Support and Leadership Groups

Connect With YPI From Home!

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic YPI has been working diligently to roll out as many of it’s services as it can virtually! Nothing can replace the connection and camaraderie of in-person space but we are going to bring you the next best thing.

All groups are open to new youth ages 14-23!

Gender Spectrum – Meeting Tuesdays at 4 on Discord! 
To gain access to our server, email Lukas@youthprideri.org

Gender Spectrum is a peer-led, peer-focused support group for trans, questioning, and gender-non-conforming youth in the form of a casual social hour. Topics range from the serious to the silly, and always with an emphasis on creating a safe space for youth to be themselves and discuss what’s happening in their lives. Gender Spectrum meets weekly and is open to youth ages 14 to 23.


The Way Out – Meeting Wednesdays at 4 on Discord!
To gain access to our server, email Dev@youthprideri.org

The Way Out is a social/discussion group with shifting and evolving topic material, about sexuality and gender,  relationships (family, friends, and romantic), school/work, fighting discrimination, mental health, and current events.  Way Out meets weekly and is open to youth ages 14 to 23.  Facilitated by staff and LICSW clinician.


OUTspoken – Meeting Mondays at 4pm on Zoom! (Next session begins 5/4/20)
To sign up, email Jesus@youthprideri.org

OUTspoken is Youth Pride, Inc.’s Leadership Program designed to give youth the opportunity to develop fundamental leadership skills by learning about their different 

identities and how that knowledge can impact their community. Youth can join us and their peers to explore gender, sexuality, the environment and the intersection of our all identities through lectures, interactive activities and open group discussions.

*To our 9-13’s never fear, we are currently building content including some engaging and fun activities for you to do at home and share with your friends at YPI.


Additionally we have online case management services available. Though our ability to connect people to programming and services faces the same limitations as everywhere else because of the outbreak, it is important that we help our LGBTQIAQ+ youth as best we can during this time with resources and services that remain vital. This includes food, housing, health, mental health, gender identity, expressions and sexual orientation, substance use. Case management will be conducted virtually or via phone calls in a secure and confidential manner with our Director of youth services and social worker, Andy Taubman.

We also suggest checking out our resource page here. In addition to LGBTQ resources for students, family, and educators, we have a running list of remote social, psychical, and educational activities for youth to check out while at home!

While we are sad to not have the space open, everyone’s healthy and safety remains the number one priority to us. We are also excited by the opportunity this affords us to reach out and connect to LGBTQ+ youth who would benefit from our services but cannot, for whatever reason, come into the physical space. 


Schedule a Time to Utilize our Basic Needs Pantry!

Earlier this week Youth Pride, Inc. (YPI) closed our drop-in programs in response to COVID-19. While drop-in hours are suspended, use of our Basic Needs Pantry is now available by appointment only, and the space remains otherwise off-limits to anyone besides staff.

If you need to utilize our Basic Needs Pantry, we will have premade bags for youth to take. One bag will be given to each youth signed up and include at least one type of grain (pasta, rice, etc.), two canned vegetables, one canned beans, two canned soups, and a few miscellaneous nonperishable food items. When setting up your appointment in our Google Form, we list what extra items we have available in addition to several other questions that will help us put together a bag that most closely meets your requests. We will ask about any dietary restrictions or needs and try our best to accommodate them.

When you complete the form, a YPI staff member will contact you via email as soon as possible with an appointment time for pickup.
Here is the link to the make an appointment for the Basic Needs Pantry. Another link is at the bottom of this email.

YPI services youth up to the age of 23. If you fall out of our age range, or if you need additional help and resources, RI Pride also has food available for pick up or drop off. Please fill out the below link, and they will contact you.

Thank you for being patient with us during this time.
Take care of yourselves and others!

Drop-In Programs Closed Until Further Notice

As we try to do our part in flattening the curve of COVID-19, we are closing our drop-in programs until at least April 1, 2020. We are hoping to continue to offer access to essential services, such as YPI’s basic needs pantry and counseling, as long as possible. More information about accessing these services will be posted on our website and social media pages. We will continue to update folks as the situation evolves.


Please take care of yourselves and each other!

Registration for Youth Pride, Inc.’s 15th Annual Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Conference is open!

Registration for Youth Pride, Inc.’s 15th Annual Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Conference is open! Please have each individual attending the conference submit a separate registration form.

Each year YPI invites students and advisors of high school Gender-Sexuality Alliances (GSAs) from around the state to attend our free Annual GSA Conference. The conference is a great opportunity for the GSAs to network with one another while learning from us and our community partners through workshops, speakers, and activities. This year the conference is scheduled for Saturday, March 28th at Classical High School in Providence.

Register Here

Save the Date for YPI’s 15th Annual GSA Conference! Saturday, March 28th


Youth Pride, Inc. is dedicated to helping local schools build, strengthen, and sustain their Gender-Sexuality Alliances (GSAs). We offer assistance and support in a variety of ways, from coming into schools and meeting with GSAs, to connecting GSAs to local community resources. We also invite GSAs from around the state to our free Annual GSA Conference held every spring. The conference provides the opportunity for GSAs to network with each other while learning from YPI and our community partners through workshops, speakers, and activities.


15th Annual Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Conference

Saturday, March 28th, 9am-4:30pm

Classical High School, Providence

Youth Pride, Inc. – Update Report 2019

Youth Pride, Inc. is proud to showcase all the ways in which we serve the LGBTQ youth community in Rhode Island. Between the hiring of new staff, collaborations with community partners and the generosity of our donors, 2019 has been such a successful year and is laying the groundwork for an even better 2020! Read our updated 2019 report for insight into our programs and services as well as an overview of our organization.


2019 Update Report