Youth Pride, Inc. primarily serves as a drop-in space. This means our youth are encouraged to utilize our space in whatever comfortable and respectful way they see fit. Our space has several video game consoles and two laptops. We have a Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify account that can be accessed on our main TV or the laptops. The kitchen is always stocked with snacks and easy to prepare meals (youth are supervised while cooking!). In addition to the many board games donated to us by Hasbro, we have a library filled with hundreds of LGBTQ literature to be borrowed. The furniture in our space was donated by Cardi’s Furniture, and a lot of our youth enjoy lounging around chatting with friends, and making new acquaintances!  

Hours & Directions

Drop-in for 13 years and older is currently from 3-8pm on Tuesday and Wednesday, and from 3-5pm on Thursdays. Drop-in for youth ages nine to thirteen is 5-8pm on Thursday.

First Time?

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What’s Happening?

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Consent Forms

9-13 Consent Form
14-17 Consent Form (For Youth in Social Services Only; Ex. DCYF)
18+ Consent Form

Consent to Transport and Media Release (All Youth 14 and Older)
Community Agreement (All Youth)