Staff & Board


Rush Frazier, Executive Director

Rush is a Central Massachusetts native with over 20 years of organizing experience. Most recently, Rush was Central/East MA Organizing Coordinator at Neighbor to Neighbor, where they worked with parents, doctors, clergy, and other concerned residents to bring comprehensive sex education to all Worcester Public School youth K-12. They also worked to keep bus fares free throughout Worcester, now in its second year. In previous roles, Rush worked to end the death penalty in New Hampshire. Rush was Co-Grand Marshal of the Worcester Pride Parade in 2018 and was awarded the Key to the City of Worcester in 2020. In their spare time, Rush is a DJ, practices herbalism, and loves to hike. They are a proud parent of two dogs and two cats.


Andy Taubman, LCSW, Director of Youth Service

Andy graduated with a Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Rhode College in the Spring of 2019. They have worked in nonprofits for 20+ years and have a particular love and interest in working with youth, especially being around their energy and being part of the process of helping them navigate adolescence and young adulthood. YPI is particularly appealing to Andy as a queer person who loves the opportunity to work directly with the youngest members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

In their free time, Andy performs as a drag king performer, producer, mentor, workshop maker and event manager and community builder. They enjoy hiking with their dog (the world’s prettiest Soi (street) dog that they rescued in Thailand named Saku!), working out, traveling and exploring new places, and flopping on a couch and binge watching TV shows. 


Tiffani Carcieri, Administrative Coordinator

Tiffani grew up in Providence and received her double major in Psychology and Health Studies from the University of Rhode Island in 2017. Prior to YPI, Tiffani worked at the University of Rhode Island’s Gender and Sexuality Center as Building Manager where she gained great insight and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community and its unique needs. 


Jordan McWhite, Case Management Lead

Jordan attended Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, FL and obtained a BS in Biology minor in Chemistry. After graduation, Jordan was unsure what direction he wanted for his life. After a couple of months working as a medical assistant in Georgia, it was clear there was a deficit of Black men in the healthcare system, more specifically black and brown trans men advocating for equal rights for the LGBTQ community. So he decided that was going to be his mission. Jordan relocated to Providence in 2021 in search of a brighter future and better opportunities that aligned with his goals and aspirations. After working with Rhode Island’s larger healthcare networks, the opportunity to work for the trans community presented itself with Thundermist Health Center and now Youth Pride Inc.

Jordan aims to build a career as an advocate for the BIPOC/QPOC trans community and give back the support that was given to him as a fledgling gay-by. His medical background combined with lived experience allows for a unique perspective of youth dysphoria. Jordan’s goal is to resolve the gap of support and acceptance amongst the black and brown community as well as educate lawmakers, schools, medical systems and others on truly equal gender affirming care in all aspects of society. His goal with Youth Pride is to be the queer role model he wished he could have had as a youth and be a support person for the families his family needed.

When Jordan isn’t working, he spends all his time with his devoted wife of 4 years and watching Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, listening to Beyonce, Big Freedia and AJR, or playing the sims.

Zoe Armstrong, Case Manager & Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Coordinator

Zoe first came to Providence in 2015 as an undergraduate student at Brown University. While she and her partner continue to live in Providence, Zoe now commutes between Providence, Boston, and Worcester for work and school. She is currently enrolled at UMass Boston as a graduate student in the McCormack School’s Gender, Leadership, and Public Policy program. Outside of the classroom, Zoe also works as a community organizer for MassEquality, a grassroots LGBTQIA+ advocacy organization based in Worcester. Zoe joined YPI in February, 2022 as the new Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Coordinator.

Zoe is passionate about intersectional social justice and seeks to address issues facing BIPOC LGBTQIA+ individuals and communities in the belief that improving the experiences of our most marginalized community members results in better outcomes for everyone. Much of her work and research is focused on advocating for inclusive, comprehensive sexuality and relationships education. She is also a strong proponent of prison abolition and sex work decriminlization. Zoe came to work at YPI to be involved in building the supportive queer community space that she herself craved as a queer youth.

Zoe’s hobbies include playing the piano, singing (and forcing her friends to do karaoke), pole dancing, and binge watching any TV show with a sapphic story line.


Sy Bedrick, Center Coordinator

Sy moved to Providence in the summer of 2020 from Brooklyn, NY, and is currently in graduate school for clinical social work at Rhode Island College. In addition to their work at YPI, Sy is a worker/owner at LUNA Community Care, the first disabled workers co-operative in the U.S., dedicated to creating an affirming support space for neurodivergent adults. Sy also serves as Co-Chair on the Education and Outreach Committee at SHIP, a nonprofit organization that promotes sexual health and pleasure. In the past year, Sy has served as a Campus Ambassador with international advocacy group Covid Safe Campus, working toward spreading information and resources, and advocating for equitable access to education for disabled and high risk individuals. Sy is passionate about their role at YPI. When they’re not working with community organizations, Sy can be found frolicking through the woods, or creating experimental queer theater with their arts collaborative, Water House Collective. 


Greg Hill, Center Coordinator

There are probably five big things you should know about greg: One, they have a big imagination! Since forever, and largely thanks in large part to the day she spent reading a bunch of magic treehouse books in one sitting, greg has always loved to imagine books as little movies in her head! Two, they have a big heart! She values community a lot, and feels that one of her gifts is being able to connect with people and hold space in ways that make it easier for people to make their needs known, and to be the fullest possible version of themselves. Three, they have big things inspiring them! Their mom has set examples for them in how to care for others, work hard, and ask for help, so that drives her every day! Four, she’s been getting big into art and creative practice lately! Ask her about Strange Shapes, a reflective art piece she’s been working on. greg’s also been learning ukulele. Five, Greg is a HUGE gaymer. Games she enjoys (read as: sinks hundreds of hours into) include Splatoon 3 (or any game of the series), recent Legend of Zelda entries, Destiny 2, and story/narrative based indie games! You can always talk to her about your favorite games, their lore, and anything storytelling (videogame or not!) related.



Aileen Feliz, Center Coordinator

Aileen is a Providence native, living most of their life in this city. They can probably give you directions to any location in Providence as a fun party trick. They started attending youth pride at the age of 14 with their then partner and now wife. YPI was the center of queer youth culture and provided a safe and warm space for queerness to exist openly and unapologetically. It provided them the opportunity to explore more of their identity free of judgment and is eager to contribute to the community again.

 Aileen is very passionate about activism and restorative justice work. Also, they work hard to be an advocate for pedestrian rights they can go on about urban street design. Aileen would call themselves a mix media artist due to their indecisiveness on picking a medium. In their free time they can be found drawing, painting, sculpting, digital designing, screen printing, and more. They are very proud of their art supply collection. If you ever are curious about Aileen’s wardrobe, chances are 90% of their outfit is thrifted. They are a thrifting connoisseur.



Nubia Gomez, Peer Navigator

Nubia grew up in Providence and graduated from the Community College of Rhode Island. As a YPI alumni, she has a personal devotion to helping out the organization that has always been instrumental in supporting the local youth she grew up with during her adolescence.


Joe Di Mauro, Grant and Development Coordinator

Joe currently lives in Boston, but is originally from Warwick Rhode Island. His experience in the non-profit sector has spanned over the last 10 years beginning as an intern for Marriage Equality Rhode Island back in 2012. When he’s not raising money for causes that matter, he’s probably hiking, traveling, rock climbing, or enjoying time with friends. Joe is also back in school pursuing a degree in Software Engineering!



Jess Peters, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist – Clinician

Jess has worked as a clinician at YPI since August of 2016, previously facilitating the Way Out and Thirteen and Under groups and currently providing individual counseling services.

She is originally from the Boston area and obtained her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Kentucky. She moved to Providence to complete her clinical residency and postdoc at Brown University Med School, where she continues to research adolescent emotional functioning. Her specialized clinical training includes helping people manage difficult emotions, decrease risky behavior (like self-harm, substance use), and deal with challenging relationships. She is also an experienced mindfulness teacher. Throughout her clinical career, she has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ issues and is thrilled to be part of the YPI team.

When not working, Jess loves creating and experiencing art, reading, inventing new recipes, and hanging out with her cat.



Kody Harrison, LICSW – Clinician

Kody is a clinical social worker and is excited to provide individual counseling services at YPI! Kody has been passionate about working with and advocating for LGBTQ+ youth since they were a queer youth themself, as a peer facilitator of the LGBTQ+ youth group in Hartford, CT way back in 2010. They have worked with youth ever since in community-based, hospital, and residential treatment settings. They moved to Rhode Island in 2013 and love the beauty and diversity of their adopted state.

Kody has specialized training in multiple clinical approaches and evidence-based practices to help people manage strong and difficult feelings and unwanted or unsafe thoughts and behaviors, as well as complicated family relationships. Kody primarily works at Family Service of RI as a clinical supervisor for the in-home trauma treatment program. They often provide training and advocacy to schools, community agencies, and state systems (like DCYF) to promote understanding and support for trans and nonbinary youth.

When they’re not being a clinician, Kody loves walking their dog or listening to podcasts in their hammock.

Erren Robateau – Chair
Monique Collins – Treasurer
Maia Bailey – Secretary 

At Large Members:
Guillaume Bagal, Favour Bello*, Lisa Carcieri, Scott Gowrie, Gabby Porcaro,
Andrew Prescott, Jordan Scott, Cassie Sutten-Coats
* = Youth Board Member