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In order to keep staff, youth, and YPI visitors as safe and protected as possible from COVID-19 and it’s variants, we are updating our mask policy in the space. Starting December 2021, everyone entering YPI’s drop-in space will be required to wear a N-95 mask. We will have them available if you do not have one. We request those with cloth or paper masks to switch to one of our N-95’s upon arrival. Thank you for your corporation!

LGBTQ 101 + Trans 101

YPI offers a variety of LGBTQ trainings. We specialize in professional development trainings geared towards adult learners but we also go into schools and classrooms to speak with students. The two training courses we offer are LGBTQ 101 and Trans 101; each an hour and presented by one or two knowledgeable facilitators. During consultations, requestors can work with us to solidify the details of the training, get a better sense of what the training needs/goals are and can supplement additional information or topics you see fit/request. We want you to get the most from this training, so please let us know of any particular topics or issues you want addressed when connected with your trainer.

Learn more about, and book, you training at the link below.
Training Information & Request Form


Booking + Pricing

Overview of Training Guidelines:

-Trainings must be requested at least 4 weeks before the desired training date.

-We are offering in-person and virtual trainings, but will be keeping an eye on COVID numbers/data and reserve the right to reschedule an in-person training to virtual if an uptick in cases should occur around the trime of the scheduled training.

-Each one hour training and included half hour consultation is $500.

-A $100 charge is added for every 50 additional participants after the first 75 participants. Example: 75 participants, $500. 125 participants, $600, etc.

-We do not allow recording of our trainings at this time.

-Trainings are available for scheduling Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-5pm.

-Payment is expected upon booking.


What if I can’t pay for the training? My organization does not have it in the budget for training.

If your nonprofit has a skills workshop or services to trade that YPI staff need, we will gladly present training in exchange for one of yours being presented to our staff.

Your organization can hold a fundraiser (in-person or virtual) to raise the funds to meet the facilitator fee or your organization can host a basic needs or gift card drive for our pantry before scheduling your workshop. Feel free to connect with us for some helpful tips. YPI is happy to include this fundraiser or drive with our networks. Fundraised monies and drive goods must be provided at the time of booking, the same as we would ask another organization to provide payment when booking.

Rush facilitates a quarterly Fundraising 101 workshop free of charge. Check the Events Tab to see when the next one is coming up.

Why can’t I record this training? I paid for it.

The training is YPI’s intellectual property. It is the result of research and expertise.

Sometimes people tell personal stories during the training. Recording our training does not help preserve the integrity of the learning space or build trust.

Training is a way YPI keeps the lights on and continue to do the work to make Rhode Island a safer place for LGBTQ+ people across the state. Please do not devalue the work of marginalized communities by going against our guidelines.