In addition to cash contributions, Youth Pride Inc. also accepts in-kind donations to support our center.

Donate Supplies

YPI’s Basic Needs Pantry provides over 700 youth each year with food, clothes, toiletries, school supplies, and other essential items free of cost. We are able to do this thanks in large part to donations from our community of supporters.

In-kind donations are valuable for many reasons:

  • In-kind gifts give donors the flexibility to offer support even when it’s challenging to give money.
  • Donors know the immediate impact of their in-kind donation
  • Youth Pride can put in-kind donations to immediate use
  • When pantry supplies are donated, Youth Pride can reallocate funds to meet our most important needs

If you would like to support our pantry with an in kind donation, take a look at our Basic Needs Pantry Wishlist for a list of most-needed items. You can contact us at info@youthprideri.org to schedule your donation drop off. Or order from our Amazon Wishlist to remove the guesswork and save yourself the trip.

We feel strongly that the youth using our pantry should be served with dignity and respect. We do not accept items that are open, out of date or otherwise damaged or unusable.

Donation Drives

Organizing a donation drive is an effective and fun way to support our work and can be done virtually or in person. If you are interested in sponsoring our pantry by hosting a donation drive, please email info@youthprideri.org to begin coordinating your event. Continuous sponsors will receive a shout out wherever our pantry is mentioned.