The Feinstein Community Connections program at Roger Williams University (RWU) provides all incoming first-year students the opportunity to participate in a day of community service at local non-profits in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. The program reflects the University’s core values.

Community Connections began in 2005 and is in its 14th consecutive year. At the completion of the 2018 program, RWU students will have provided more than 75,500 hours of community service to agencies since the program’s creation! The entirety of this year’s incoming class, ~1,500 students, dispersed to 33 different agencies on Monday, August 27th and performed acts of service for ~6 hours.

Youth Pride, Inc. was partnered with RWU students a part of the Unviersity’s LGBTQ-A Living Learning Communitty (LLC) on campus. These students sorted and organized all of YPI’s clothing from our Basic Needs Pantry in anticipation of our upcoming Clothing Swap. The clothing swap allows YPI youth to get the best gear from our pantry before the school year begins while simultaneously allowing YPI youth to bring in their old clothes they no longer use. The day was very successful and YPI looks forward to working with RWU again in the future!