Greetings YPI Youth, Families, and Supporters,

YPI is opening our space for select in-person services.  While it doesn’t look a lot like it did before Covid 19, we are still excited to see you. If you want to use the space, or are in need of some things or resources, here’s what we are open for.

Computers, WiFi and Charging Stations
Every Tuesday and Wednesday we will be open from 1-5pm, by appointment only, for Rest and Recuperation (R&R) time. What this means, is you will be given a designated spot in the space with a computer, access to WiFi, and phone charging station. What you do with that hour is up to you. Staff will be around for assistance. This is by appointment only.

Basic Needs Pantry
The Basic Needs Pantry is also opening up! You have two options to go through the pantry.

  1. Pick Up a Premade Bag: We will have premade bags available if you prefer to get your items that way, or you or a household member is symptomatic.
  2. Shop the Pantry Yourself: We have moved the pantry into the main space where you can go through and get the items of your choosing just like old times in 15-minute appointment slots. You will have access to food, toiletries, school supplies and clothes. For clothing specifically, the drill is to take what you want, bring it home, try it on, keep what you like and do what you want with the rest (you are welcome to bring them back but you do not have to). If you would like to go through the pantry AND use the computers/wifi/charging station you will be able to access the pantry during your first 15 minutes, and can use the remaining 45 minutes utilizing our computers/wifi/charging stations.

To use our computers, go through our pantry, or both, you will need to make an appointment.
To make an appointment to pick up a premade bag of pantry supplies:
To make an appointment for in-person pantry and R&R use:

Counseling and Resource Assistance
Want to access our counseling services? Need some help getting or connecting to resources? Facing challenges or obstacles and need an advocate? Trying to do everyday things like pay your taxes, make a resume, apply for SNAP or change your gender marker? Drop in appointments are available with Andy, our Director of Youth Services. You will be given a private space with a computer and to have a one-one with Andy via video chat.

To make an appointment with Andy, send them an email or make an appointment through their Calendly!

Drop-In and Kitchen
For now we cannot safely open up the drop-in space like we used to.
Unfortunately, we also cannot open the kitchen.

Other Rules While in the SpaceWhile in the space you must be wearing a mask at all times. Staff will be doing the same. YPI is also requiring all staff and visitors respond to the Reopening RI COVID19 Screening Tool (ENG / SPN.) prior to entry

into the center.

While we normally encourage all of you to make joyful noise, no shouting, voice raising or singing can happen. We will however have headphones available, or bring your own, and encourage you to bliss out to whatever music or podcast you enjoy!

If you want to learn more about out virtual programs, 3 support/discussion groups, one leadership program, one mindful arts program, and online Dungeons & Dragons, click here!

Despite looking and operating a little differently, we are still excited to open our space for youth again, and cannot wait to see you!

-YPI Staff