The Sierra Club is a nationwide environmental organization that aims to celebrate and protect the environment. Earlier this year, YPI was approached by the Sierra Club chapter of Rhode Island for the opportunity to partner with them on a new initiative. The RI chapter created Inspiring Connections Outdoors, a sub-chapter that specifically works to provide outdoor experiences and leadership opportunities for underserved and marginalized youth in RI. The goal is to establish relationships with agencies and organization that provide services to said youth populations and bring them closer to nature.

YPI is one of the first organizations to participate in the new chapter’s activities. Our organizations have set up the first outing, a group kayaking trip at Narrow River Kayaks in Narragansett. All expenses and transportation are handled by the Sierra Club. Currently, 15 youth and staff will be attending the inaugural event.

The Sierra Club plans to expand their program to include more organizations and youth. They are planning daytime outings such as hiking, kayaking, apple/berry picking, farm visits, nature museums/aquarium visits, and even sailing!

YPI is honored to have been chosen to kickoff this great program and hopes it touches the lives of many more RI youth!