Connect With YPI From Home!

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic YPI has been working diligently to roll out as many of it’s services as it can virtually! Nothing can replace the connection and camaraderie of in-person space but we are going to bring you the next best thing.

All groups are open to new youth ages 14-23!

Gender Spectrum – Meeting Tuesdays at 4 on Discord! 
To gain access to our server, email

Gender Spectrum is a peer-led, peer-focused support group for trans, questioning, and gender-non-conforming youth in the form of a casual social hour. Topics range from the serious to the silly, and always with an emphasis on creating a safe space for youth to be themselves and discuss what’s happening in their lives. Gender Spectrum meets weekly and is open to youth ages 14 to 23.


The Way Out – Meeting Wednesdays at 4 on Discord!
To gain access to our server, email

The Way Out is a social/discussion group with shifting and evolving topic material, about sexuality and gender,  relationships (family, friends, and romantic), school/work, fighting discrimination, mental health, and current events.  Way Out meets weekly and is open to youth ages 14 to 23.  Facilitated by staff and LICSW clinician.


OUTspoken – Meeting Mondays at 4pm on Zoom! (Next session begins 5/4/20)
To sign up, email

OUTspoken is Youth Pride, Inc.’s Leadership Program designed to give youth the opportunity to develop fundamental leadership skills by learning about their different 

identities and how that knowledge can impact their community. Youth can join us and their peers to explore gender, sexuality, the environment and the intersection of our all identities through lectures, interactive activities and open group discussions.

*To our 9-13’s never fear, we are currently building content including some engaging and fun activities for you to do at home and share with your friends at YPI.


Additionally we have online case management services available. Though our ability to connect people to programming and services faces the same limitations as everywhere else because of the outbreak, it is important that we help our LGBTQIAQ+ youth as best we can during this time with resources and services that remain vital. This includes food, housing, health, mental health, gender identity, expressions and sexual orientation, substance use. Case management will be conducted virtually or via phone calls in a secure and confidential manner with our Director of youth services and social worker, Andy Taubman.

We also suggest checking out our resource page here. In addition to LGBTQ resources for students, family, and educators, we have a running list of remote social, psychical, and educational activities for youth to check out while at home!

While we are sad to not have the space open, everyone’s healthy and safety remains the number one priority to us. We are also excited by the opportunity this affords us to reach out and connect to LGBTQ+ youth who would benefit from our services but cannot, for whatever reason, come into the physical space.